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Legal Services – preparation of documents

Legal Services – preparation of documents

As part of our job, we are working closely with solicitors, notaries public and other legal professionals in Ireland and abroad. We have years of experience advising our clients of how to prepare documents, contracts and other legal paperwork for Marriage, Immigration, Business, Travel and other purposes.

We do not only translate legal documents, we also specialise in preparation of documents. If you need to use a legal document abroad, we can draft the document for you according to the requirements of the country you are intending to go or move. We can then organise document translation, notary certification, and even apostillation. We will take into consideration any particular requirements you might have to prepare the document.

We can draft legal documents for you such as:

  •  Affidavit
  •  Consent
  •  Power of Attorney
  • Statement
  • Will

We also can help you to fill out forms and applications in foreign languages such as:

  • Visa applications
  • Visa invitations
  • Notices of Appeal
  • Questionnaires

The final document will be in English with its original version in the language of the country it should be submitted to.

Contact us today to get a free consultation about all your needs in preparation of documents, translations, certification, authentication, legalisation and apostillation.

For further information on Document Preparation in Galway region, please do not hesitate to contact us.