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Interpreting Services in the West of Ireland

Apart from providing translation services in Galway and other cities and towns of the West of Ireland, we also have a high qualified and trained team of interpreters. All our Galway interpreters are native speakers with many years of experience in interpreting in a wide range of styles and in a range of situations. From simultaneous interpreting to consecutive interpreting, our team has it covered. Whether you need an interpreter at a business meeting or conference, to communicate in Hospital, Gardai, Court or any other Public and government bodies or simply if your guests are here on holiday, we can help you!

Our team of translators and interpreters will be delighted to help you with any queries, in whichever language is most comfortable for you.

Here at Galway Translations, we strive to cater for all your language special needs. In addition to our comprehensive document translation services, we also provide an extensive range of interpreting services in Galway. These are only undertaken by our very best expert, certified interpreters in Galway, who are hand-picked by us for their expertise. All are native speakers of the language in which they interpret, and have many years of experience translating for the Irish market. Who else can offer you this level of expertise?

Our expert interpreters are skilled in providing a range of interpreting services, for a variety of situations. We have steadily built up a team of dedicated interpreters based right here in Galway who, between them, interpret in and out of the widest range of languages of any of our competitors!

Our interpreters have experience in working in a surprising variety of situations and occasions, including:

  • Board meetings
  • Corporate meetings
  • Courts and meetings with legal advisors
  • Gardai

  • Medical consultations
  • Private visits
  • Wedding interview and Wedding Ceremony
  • We know how urgent and important interpretation translation projects can be!