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Court Interpreting at Galway Certified Translations

Court Interpreting at Galway Certified Translations

The court practice shows that the interpreters are still in a big demand. Foreigners in Ireland become a part of our normal life, they live here, work, get married and divorce, and they take part in labour disputes and involved in road traffic accidents.

Court interpreters are authorised to translate official documents (marriage certificates, school certificates, university diplomas, court submissions, judgments, etc.), as well as to interpret in court (e.g. when parties or witnesses give evidence), at police stations (during interviews, after an arrest) or before administrative authorities (such as during customs inspections). Official court translators/interpreters are authorised to affix an official stamp to their translations to certify the translation.

Court interpreting is a highly skilled profession and requires extremely high standards. It can take several years to become thoroughly qualified in the field. Spending significant periods abroad improving fluency is an essential part of training. Most of our interpreters work freelance and getting started is a challenge – the majority register with an agency and are given small, relatively easy assignments to begin with. 

Skills and qualities required for interpreters

Impartial and sensitive and considerate to the culture environment in which they work.

Self-discipline and self-motivation with the capacity to work consistently and under pressure, independently and as part of a team and to fit into a multicultural working environment.

An ability to grasp varied and complex issues, react swiftly to changing circumstances, manage information and communicate effectively.

  • Confident in speaking in public.
  • A good memory.
  • A high level of physical and mental stamina.
  • Good awareness of current affairs, cultures and politics.
  • Knowledge of a specialist area.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • The ability to work under pressure.
  • Good concentration and accuracy.
  • The ability to analyse information rapidly.
  • The ability to be intuitive and make decisions.
  • The ability to be flexible and adaptable.
  • Good communication skills.

Call Galway Certified Translations to order an interpreter for your Family Court or Road Traffic accident hearing on +353 857 200 151 . Prior to booking a court interpreter please be sure to have all the necessary details at hand including court dates, language required, court address, basic outline of the case, start times and contact names and we will take care of the rest.