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Community Interpreting Services

Community Interpreting Services

Ireland has changed from a country of net emigration to one of steady immigration by asylum seekers and by workers from both inside and outside the European Economic Area. There has been a rapid change from a mainly monolingual society to a multilingual one. Clearly this presents particular problems when non-English speakers are in contact with officialdom.

There was an official attitude that this is merely a temporary problem because the non-English speakers will learn English and then there will no longer be a need for interpretation.   But it is not a case.

Interpreting is provided in the courts, in police stations, in hospitals and over the phone for general practitioners.

Galway Certified Translations provides Community Interpreting Services in Ireland supplying interpreters for various clients to solicitors, legal services, courts, government departments, police services, hospitals, clinics and mediation services.

Community Interpreting refers to interpreting at private or public service appointments where an individual or group of individuals do not speak the same language as the service provider so an interpreter is required to facilitate communication. 

The interpreter interprets between two or more people who do not speak each other’s language. The interpreter takes notes while a participant speaks, and an interpretation is then rendered after the speaker has finished, or at appropriate intervals during speaking. 

It is most often used for Medical Services, Legal Services, Social Services, Educational and Training appointments.

Galway Certified Translations provides fully experienced and professional Interpreters for all Community Interpreting assignments.

Examples of situations that we supply interpreters for include:


  • School meetings, parent teacher meetings

Legal Interpreting:

  • Court cases, meetings with solicitors, court hearings
  •  Police interviews, probation services
  •  Refugee application meetings or reviews
  • Wedding ceremonies, civil marriage registrations

Medical Interpreting:

  • Social services meetings, counselling sessions
  • Hospitals, GPs, Dentists, physiotherapists


  • Health and safety training
  • One-on-one interpreting for driver tests